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Our partners have worked along-side numerous small business owners and individuals assisting them in navigating through intimidating legal documents so they could operate successful and compliant businesses, bringing their personal and professional goals to fruition. Whether it is through litigation, licensing, operating agreements, incorporation, or responding to formal inquiries from governmental agencies, we strive to satisfy our client’s legal needs efficiently and effectively while providing personalized services.

Our firm’s motto is plain and simple, but speaks volumes: Distinguished Reputations, Dedicated Representation. The fact is we have the experience you need on your side, and the work ethic needed to adequately and aggressively defend, represent, or handle any and all legal matters that inevitably present themselves in daily business ventures. At Franqui Totten, LLP we understand that crises and emergencies can occur during non-business hours, but our partners are on call for our clients to respond where legal representation and investigation may be needed.

We believe that professionalism and personal relationships are the cornerstones of our success. We promise to strive to exceed the ethical and professional obligations in our practice and service to our clients through determination and diligence in the handling of all matters. Together, we will work to clearly establish your needs and goals, and will consistently keep you apprised of the pulse of your legal affairs. We vow to stay connected with you until the end, and will remain committed to respecting your wishes throughout the work you are entrusting us to handle for you.

Our guiding principle is what Franqui Totten, LLP’s philosophy is based upon: resolve our client’s legal needs quickly, fairly, and within a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable fee. We believe in long term partnerships and relationships with our clients and will remain committed to assisting you with your legal needs. It’s what we do, and want to do for you.